SOLD – 4 Condos – Pinehurst Dr, Spring Hill FL 34606

Beds: 2 (each)   Baths: 2 (each)  SqFt: 1330 (each)

ARV: $380k    Repairs: $120k    Rent: $3500/mo


4 Off Market Condos in 1 Building! Each condo unit offers 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a fireplace and either a porch or balcony. The 2 bottom units are completely gutted as there was some flooding, they are ready for you to be renovated. The 2 top units are dated and need upgrading throughout. These condos run on city water and city sewer. Renovated and hold, renovated and refinance out, renovated and sell off individually or renovated and sell to one investor looking for cash flow with easy management. NO HOA. Each unit can rent for at least $875 per month. After taxes, insurance, 5% vacancy factor and 5% property management your NOI is $30,400, selling or refinancing at an 8 cap for brand new, completely upgraded large 2/2 condos puts the 4 units at a value of $380k, $95k per condo. Call Now to Purchase.

For video of Unit 1 Click Here

For video of Unit 2 Click Here

For video of Unit 3 Click Here

For video of Unit 4 Click Here

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