PENDING – Daring Ave, Orlando, FL 32826

Beds: 4    Baths: 1.5    SqFt: 1370

ARV: $230k     Repairs: $30k-$35k     Rent: $2,000-2,400/mo


Excellent deal in 32826. Either flip the property with $30-$35k in repairs to reach an ARV of $230k+, or keep the property and reap the rewards. Current market rent is at least $1450/mo; however, the property is about a 5-minute drive to UCF. If you rent it out by the room for $500-$600/month/room, you’re looking at $2000-$2400 monthly cash flow. This deal makes for a great, quick flip or a fantastic rental in an excellent area. Its a great deal for any investor! HOME IS OWNER OCCUPIED, DRIVE-BY ONLY FOR NOW, CALL NOW FOR MORE INFO AND TO SCHEDULE A SHOWING.

Flip Repair Breakdown:

Kitchen = $10k
Bathrooms = $4k
Flooring and Paint: $7.5k
A/C = $3K
Windows and Doors = $1k
Plumbing and Electric = $1k
Roof = $1k
Landscaping = $1k
Misc = $1.5-$6.5k
Total Repairs = $30k-$35k

Sales Comps:

  • **2900 Allison Ave**: 3/1.5, only 1020 sf, nicely updated. Its 3500sf smaller, has one less bedroom, and sold in 6 days for $191k. Just the difference in square footage alone puts the ARV of the subject property at $230k.
  • 2312 Donegan Pl : 3/2, 1217sf, updated, sold for $213k.
  • 13759 Glasser Ave: 3/2 1170sf, not updated whatsoever, sold in 11 days for $199k
  • 13705 Glasser Ave: 3/2, 1172sf, not updated whatsoever, sold in 2 days for $198k

Rental Comps:

  • 2429 Radnor Ave: 3/2, 1195sf, not updated, leased for $1400/mo.
  • 2113 Hannah Ln: 3/2, 1184sf, not updated, leased for $1425/mo
  • 13835 Glasser Ave: 3/2, 1195sf, not updated, leased for $1450/mo

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