Pending-Reindeer Dr, Christmas FL 32709

Beds: 3    Bath: 2    SqFt: 1,512

ARV: $275k – $300k    Repairs: $50k – $60k

$144,000+cc Assignable

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2.5 Acre Homestead and 1988 built home, decent condition for a rental but needs all cosmetics for a flip. Cheapest house in the neighborhood by $140,000! Nice neighborhood for people with money looking for acreage. This 2.5 acre homestead is in a neighborhood where all other MLS listed houses are Selling between $285k-$350k! Comps put the ARV at $280-287k! Roof is in pretty good condition and has architectural shingles. AC was running and cool but older. Floor has a few soft spots that should be easier repairs during remodel. Repairs should be around $50k-$55k, but even if their are unforeseen issues and it needs a new well and septic, repairs should stay under $65k. This place is a deal no matter how you look at it!

  • Comps:
  • 21528 Reindeer Rd: 3 bed / 2 bath, 1791 sq ft, clean but outdated cabin style house, 2.8 acres – Sold for $320k
  • 21614 Sled Rd: 3 bed / 2 bath, 1705 sq ft, built 92, clean but original finished, 2.7 acres – Sold for $330k
  • 21307 Reindeer Rd: 4 bed / 2 bath, 2237 sq ft, built 2002, only 1.5 Acres – Sold for $350k

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