Hibiscus Rd, Casselberry, FL 32707

Beds: 3    Baths: 1    Sq. Ft: 1112

ARV: $175k    Repairs: $10k   Rent: $1200/mo

$143,500+cc  Assignable

Super clean Casselberry cash flow or quick flip under 150k! For both flip or cash flow, the property is virtually ready to go. If you look at the comparables, there are next to no rehabbed comps. Even just being livable gets you top dollar right now. We have comps that range all the way up to 164/sf, but we are using 157/sf. Days on market are all short, so you can probably push your ARV. Generally, this home is in good condition. The roof is a lifetime metal roof. The bathrooms and the kitchens have had updates in the past 10 years. In the kitchen the fridge was replaced two years ago. The counter tops were replaced. All black appliances. In the bathroom the tub was replaced two years ago. The electrical was all checked out in 2014. The plumbing hasn’t been updated, but hasn’t had any problems. Hot water heater was replaced in 2014. A/C unit replaced in 2013. had the countertops replaced in 2007, similar to a textured solid black counter tops, cabinets are original wood and they are in great shape. piping and electrical have been updated since the build of the house. We don’t have any internal pics of the house but will be showing later on this week if you are interested.  Please call or text to RSVP.

For additional photos Click Here

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