Are you a Real Estate investor interested in rehab or rental properties? We can help. We specialize in wholesaling residential properties to investors and rehabbers. We are always searching for deals that will offer a positive return on investment. Join our buyers list and we will contact you first when properties are available. You will receive an email with photos, comparable sales and repair estimates for each property. We know your time is valuable so we make every effort to collect as much information as possible so you can make a decision to take action or not. Fill out the form below


  1. Hi Alex. I met you last night at the CFRI meeting. Thanks for taking time to talk to me about this. I should be ready in a few days with my financing efforts and then be ready to start buying. I’m looking for starter homes.

  2. I have my family home, giant mega solid brick house in beautiful historic neighborhood of Brookfield Illinois outside of Chicago, Illinois, 13 miles form the historic Sears Tower of downtown Chicago, in neighborhood with great schools, top national High School, low crime, best national zoo called Brookfield Zoo, friendly neighbors active crime watch community or European immigrants. House is half finished in rehab.
    I need to pay bank off and open new private loan to get this done.
    Renter contracts already biting at my heels..but need refinancing.
    I have buyers now, and need to answer them quickly, but I am trying not to sell..rather finish my own rehab and move into positive income flow.

  3. Good evening!I’m a real estate agent and I have a cash buyer interested in buying some properties to flip around the Orlando area to pay cash but they want them under 100k.Please send them to me if you have any.Thank you very much!

  4. I am an investor with REPS looking for medium to large multifamily units, owner-owned MH Parks, RAL, STR, BRRRR, etc. primarily in Central FL outside of heavy HOA but will consider deals anywhere. I am given your contact by a colleague. I would like to start receiving pre/off-market deals from you

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